About Us


MangMoney.com.au is a local Gold Coast, family run business. We have been helping Gold Coasters for the past 12years for all their borrowing needs. We are a bit different however to your average broker, our goal is to not only get you a competitive loan but with regular reviews we aim to keep it that way forever. But that doesn't mean continuously refinancing either. As a client of Mango Money we work behind the scenes, we regularly check how competitive your rate is and whenever we notice it off the mark we will call your lender and work to negotiate a discount. Our clients regularly just get a pleasant call letting them know we have just negotiated a better rate and what that rate is. Our clients love it as they can sit back and relax knowing that we have got their back.

 Getting the right loan is more than just comparing interest rates of various lenders. At MangoMoney.com.au we take the time to understand our clients complete financial situation. We talk to you about your current and future plans to ensure your loan is structured correctly right from the start. There may be a number of strategies that we can implement to help our clients pay off their debt much faster than usual. The thing is you don't know what you don't know, but we will ask the right questions so when there are opportunities we can identify them and help you implement them with the most competitive lender that meets your needs.