About Us – Mango Money

Why Choose Mango Money?

MangMoney.com.au is a local Gold Coast, family run business. We have been helping Gold Coasters since 2004 for all their borrowing needs. We're not your average mortgage broker, as relationships with our clients last decades not days. That is because we asked our clients what they wanted, what as an industry were we doing wrong, and what could we be doing better. We found out that clients were sick of having to deal with a new bank manager every time they needed to make changes, continually having to tell their story time and again. People felt loyalty should be rewarded, yet found that loyalty just meant that they were taken advantage off with higher rates and fees. Most people who dealt with brokers before had said it was very transactional and most could not remember their previous brokers name. They said they hadn't heard from their broker since their loan had settled. 

​At Mango we put "you" first!

  • You get One Dedicated relationship manager and dozens of lenders
  • We don't just compare rates, we negotiate rates to get you the best deal possible
  • Our processes are designed around you. 
  • Our free review service will keep your loan competitive year after year
  • We can also help you structure your loan with asset protection and tax in mind
Keshena Riddell

I have dealt with Alex twice now and both times he has exceeded my expectations. He is down to earth, professional and always goes the extra mile to get the job done. His communication is outstanding and the process is so easy. I couldn't recommended a more trustworthy and friendly person to deal with. Thanks again Alex for getting a home loan just right for us.

Tim Cheeseman International Business Development Manager

Authentic, reliable and professional advice from someone you can trust is crucial when it comes to your finances. Alex always goes the extra mile to provide the best outcome and also to carefully explain so that you understand what you are doing and why, that's why I highly recommend him and will continue to use his service.

Ashleigh McMillan

MangoMoney.com.au made refinancing simple,quick and easy. Highly recommend Alex and his team. They work with you every step of the way and get you the best possible outcome. Thank you! We will continue to use Mango Money and a recommend to our friends and family.

One Dedicated

Relationship Manager

Dozens Of Lenders

At Mango you only need to tell your story once. With a dedicated relationship manager we get to know you, your needs and what works for you. If you ever need to change lenders, no problem, we just get an update on what’s changed, what you liked about your existing lender and what you would like to see improved and we get to work. No matter what your ongoing needs we are always just a phone call away.

Negotiating even better rates

You would be forgiven for thinking that as a broker we jump in and just compare rates across our lenders. That falls well short of what we do. As your broker we go far further than that, we get the lenders fighting for your business. We know each lender and who they hate to lose business too, so we use that to your advantage. We pit them against each other until we get a deal we know is good.

Process designed around you

How do you like to do things? Would you like to meet in our office or at your home? Would you prefer to fill in forms online or have us do it for you? However it is you like to do things, we will work with you. We are not going to force you to work to a stringent process. So before we get started let me know how you like to do things and we will work with you.

Start Competitive Stay Competitive

Getting a competitive loan is just the start. Keeping your loans competitive over time is just as important. Have you ever had that creeping feeling? Your interest rates seem to be creeping up and you notice that it is no longer as competitive as it once was. We call this rate creep and our goal is to put a stop to it. Life is busy and it is only getting busier, we know your bank manager isn’t going to call you out of the blue to offer a better deal (after all they are the ones putting your rate up) and we know you don’t have time to continually review your loans. so we do it for you.​

We keep an eye on your loans and go to your lender on a regular basis to re-negotiate with the banks to make sure you are still getting the most competitive interest rate. And if your bank isn’t happy to keep negotiating, we are happy to find you a lender that will.

Protect your Assets and Save Tax

When we get a loan most of the time we are just thinking about getting it approved and getting a great rate. So unfortunately for many getting the structure right is an after thought. At Mango we have years behind us with helping clients structure their loans to provide the greatest asset protection and maximise their tax benefits. We can also help you to design a strategy to help you get out of debt as efficiently and effectively as possible. We will ask you more questions, to determine your loan requirements not just for today but into the future. Once we have an idea of your future plans and goals we can design a debt strategy for you.