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Isn't it great, that feeling you get when you know you made the right choice and got a great deal! 

We want you to have that feeling after we have organised a car loan for you.

At Mango Financial Services our aim is to be the number 1 car loan broker on the Gold Coast​.

This means:

  1. You get a great rate
  2. We fully explain your loan choices
  3. ​You get the right loan for you.

We offer great rates for abn holders. No financials required (conditions apply)

Corrina Chaffey

We have known Alex for over 10 years now and he has always steered us in the right direction, he now handles 3 property mortgages and 1 car loan for us having completed the 3rd property only last week. His advice is always spot on and communicates in a language that all can understand. Luke and I highly recommend Mango Financial Services to help with wealth creation, money management and overall to get the best possible rates etc. Thank you Alex will now start saving for property number 4 - lol! 🙂

Mick Alexander

So happy with my car loan that I'm getting Alex to redo my home loan. More money for me, its a no brainer

Jessica Alexander

Alex at mango money saved me over $5000 on the life of a car loan. Especially happy as I was told by another finance company that 10% car loan was the best they could do .... Alex managed to get me a 6 % loan instead .... I recommend mango money to anyone. Do yourself a favour, have a look yourself.

Ross Mann Financial Adviser

Happy Car Loan Client

I have just had my car loan approved with Alex. He is very professional, easy to deal with and his language is understandable without the technical jargon. He kept me informed all the way through the process which didn't take very long. I would recommend anyone seeking finance to give Alex a call. Thanks Alex and my next loan from you will be for an investment property.

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Secured car loan

secured car loan, is commonly called a chattel mortgage, if you are self employed or simply a car loan if you are an employee.

Basically it means that your loan is secured by the car you are purchasing.

For lenders they are more secure then a personal loan because, if you don't make your repayments the credit provider can repossess the car and sell it.

The benefit of a secured car loan is that you can get a more competitive interest rate than you would get with a personal loan.