First Home Buyer


Loan For First Home Buyers

Mango Financial Services wants to help first home buyers and share in the excitement of buying your first home. We aren’t like other brokers though. The main goal for many brokers is fixed on getting you a loan; any loan. We focus on your future. Did you know that the average loan is refinanced approximately every 3 years? This tells me that most people feel like they don’t have the right loan to start with. When we talk about smart borrowers and it really can start from your first purchase.

First home buyer

There are many loan options out there for first home buyers. But the decision on is far bigger than choosing a loan with the best interest rate. (if you want to read our latest article about APRA and how they are making changes that will affect First Home Buyers click here.)

Questions a first home buyer should ask themselves

Getting a loan is actually personal, very personal. We spend time talking to you about what type of person are you, what are your spending habits and what are your long term goals. After being in business for a decade, we have had a lot of clients that try grasping at whatever loan they can get. Instead of asking questions about where this loan will get them in the future.

First home buyer

Some of the questions a first home buyer should ask themselves are:

  • Are you a budgeter or a spender ?
  • Will you be easily able to afford repayments or are you taking yourself to your borrowing limit?
  • Are you looking to build equity to start investing?
  • Do you know what negative gearing, positive gearing and positive cash-flow is?

We can help you understand all of this and help you build a future.

Mortgage broking is traditionally about getting loans through. But Mango Financial Services believes in helping people achieve their goals for a better quality of life. Our staff have the experience and skills to add significant value to your borrowing. We can help you build wealth, instead of amassing debts. By taking the time to think wisely about your future now, you can be ahead of the game, even if this is your first property. Don’t look back in three years time, when thinking about financing and wish you would have structured your loans or given thought to what you really needed then.

Ask yourself?

Are you the type of person who wants to make the most of your opportunities?

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