Property Investors


What is Property Investing ?

Property investing is a great way to build wealth. However many property investors jump in and don’t think through vital issues that will impact them in the future.

Many clients come to us and find that they have assets that they could face losing due to no-one considering ownership issues. Not setting up asset protection is a common problem for many property investors.

Property Investor

We help clients reduce their risk through smart strategies and thinking through how their investments will impact their overall plan. We want your borrowing to benefit you into the future. We can talk to you about debt recycling strategies, helping you keep your deductibles and non-deductibles separate, and many other topics without the hourly charge that an accountant would charge you. 

At Mango Financial Services, our mortgage broker Alex Warren has a background in financial planning. This means that he can use his experience and education to make you aware of many issues that even your accountant may not have covered with you. We look at the long-term future of property investing. We talk to our property investors and look at what they are trying to achieve.

Questions that a property investor needs to ask themselves are:

  • Can you handle the debt of the property investment?

  • What if you don’t get the growth that a real estate agent is touting?

  • Are you going to hold onto the property for the long term?

Property Investing a way of building wealth

Property investing is sold as a sure-fire way of building wealth. It can be. But it’s not like driving a car, where you don’t need to know some of the mechanics to make it work. Understanding more about whether a property is a good investment or not, learning about what drives growth in the property market, and what is a realistic growth outlook are all important for a property investor to know. We are here to give you smart borrowing options and help you build a future.

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