Enjoy your retirement

Do you want to live comfortably in your retirement? Getting a home loan that will help you enjoy life more and suits your needs can help you do that. There are many benefits of getting a home loan for retirees. Having a home loan that offers them security and lower repayments than if you were renting. Also many retirees are still interested in investing in property for retirement income. 

Or you may want to downsize and release equity or take on a reverse mortgage. No matter what your situation, Mango Money can help you.

Although there have been no age restrictions on home loan applicants, many lenders are looking at introducing them. Some banks are even putting a red light on lenders that are not retired yet. Lenders want to know that you have the ability to pay off the loan even into retirement.

We can talk you through what different lenders preferences are and what types of income proof you need to provide to get your loan through this barrier. Age is no barrier if you have income for a home loan, there are many lenders stilling willing to borrow.


Few options if you are retired

There area few options if you are retired depending on what income your still receiving. You could be retired and receiving income from your shares, business or rental properties that are valid income. However, the length of the income stream will be an important consideration for lenders too. Having all your paperwork in order to prove your income is a good step towards getting a home loan. It will also make it easier when you talk to us about your situation and working out your borrowing capacity.

If you are not receiving any income you may be able to release the equity in your current home through a reverse mortgage. This type of loan doesn’t need repayments or proof of income but it needs a qualified mortgage broker to explain the advantages and disadvantages. Mango Money have qualified brokers who can answer all your questions regarding reverse mortgages.

Another option, may be to simply downsize and release some of the equity in your home. You may still own a home that you can’t maintain or isn’t near the shops, transport etc that you want to be near. You may be able to find a more affordable smaller apartment nearer to those things and use the equity in your home. The repayments may be more affordable than if you rented in the same area.

Are you the type of person who wants to make the most of your opportunities?

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We have known Alex for over 10 years now and he has always steered us in the right direction, he now handles 3 property mortgages and 1 car loan for us having completed the 3rd property only last week. His advice is always spot on and communicates in a language that all can understand. Luke and I highly recommend Mango Money to help with wealth creation, money management and overall to get the best possible rates etc. Thank you Alex will now start saving for property number 4 - lol! 🙂

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I have dealt with Alex twice now and both times he has exceeded my expectations. He is down to earth, professional and always goes the extra mile to get the job done. His communication is outstanding and the process is so easy. I couldn't recommended a more trustworthy and friendly person to deal with. Thanks again Alex for getting a home loan just right for us.

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So happy with my car loan that I'm getting Alex to redo my home loan. More money for me, its a no brainer

Ashleigh McMillan made refinancing simple,quick and easy. Highly recommend Alex and his team. They work with you every step of the way and get you the best possible outcome. Thank you! We will continue to use Mango Money and a recommend to our friends and family.

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I have just had my car loan approved with Alex. He is very professional, easy to deal with and his language is understandable without the technical jargon. He kept me informed all the way through the process which didn't take very long. I would recommend anyone seeking finance to give Alex a call. Thanks Alex and my next loan from you will be for an investment property.