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We take the headache out of getting a loan so you can focus on your business.

Mango Financial Services can help self-employed people not just secure a home loan but secure your future. Structuring your debts as a self-employed person can mean not losing your family home if all goes wrong. This may not be something that your accountant may go through with you. We have a background in financial planning that means that we can work with you to find you a loan that not only gives you the money you need but can build you a future.

self employed home loans

Self-employed applicants are harder work for the banks. Many of their staff are not trained to deal with numerous spreadsheets of financials. The boxes are just filled out and a computer will work out the income. At Mango Financial Services, we look at your financials and see whether there are things that need to be pointed out to the bank.

Things they need to take into account when assessing your loan. Expenses that may only be one offs. Mango Home Loans has over ten years experience in working with self-employed people. We know what to do to ensure that the banks don’t process you through like everyone else.

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Self-employed people have to depend on their accountants to be their sole provider of financial information. However many self-employed people don’t realise that things like saving tax which sounds great to an accountant may actually be a death stroke to your application for a home loan. Talk to a mortgage broker that can secure your future.

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