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The Mango Home Loans Difference


Helping clients get into the right loan and pay it off as efficiently as possible!

Getting the right home loan is more than just applying for a loan with the best rate. It is about determining your current and future requirements. As a former financial planner and chair of the Gold Coast chapter of the Financial Planning Association I have a strong understanding of the latest tax and financial strategies. With my experience and qualifications I can do more than just find you a loan with a great rate. I can help you structure your loan and plan for the future. We design strategies so that you get the right loan and are set up with a strategy to help you pay it off.

After all, getting into a loan is just the start, we want to help you get out of debt much quicker than the 30 year loan term. 

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Getting the structure right!

Everyone has different requirements, you might be a first home buyer looking to buy your first home with a view of upgrading in a few years. Or you may be self employed and you want to ensure your assets are protected. Having your debts structured the right way can make a huge difference in the total cost of your debt. At Mango we ask more questions to ensure we take your future planning into account. We can save first home buyers thousands of dollars per year in future tax deductions as they upgrade from their first home. And if your self-employed, you may be able to structure your home loan so the interest is tax deductible and your property secure from creditors. At Mango we want to help you secure your future, and we can help do this by asking the right questions and getting you set up in the right structure straight from the start. 

Get your Debts working for you!

Good cash flow management is crucial to achieve success. Having surplus income directed to bad debt can make a significant difference come tax time. There are many strategies that a we can help implement to reduce bad debt and pay your loans off faster. If you find you struggle with budgeting and your money just seems to slip through your fingers we can probably help with this as well. Most of us learn our budgeting habits from our parents, the end result is a real lottery. We can help you set up a system to make budgeting a breeze so that you know where your money is going and you can direct more of it to getting out of debt.  As a qualified mortgage broker with a background in financial planning we can also explain strategies such as debt recycling and capitalising interest, to help you get your debts paid off faster.

If you want a loan with a good interest rate, and you want to pay your debt off faster then give us a call. We would love to help you!