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Property Investors paying too much

Property investors are paying too much! In the last 12 months you have probably received a letter from your lender letting you know that the interest rates on your investment properties have

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Have the tax man fund your car purchase for self employed

How would you like to be able to buy a car and have no net out of pocket cost for the first 18 months? The $20,000 tax deduction can help many self employed people make the plunge into

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Labor’s negative gearing plan to drive home prices down

First of all, what is negative gearing Negative gearing is the ability for property investors to use the losses associated with managing an investment property to be offset against their taxable

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Best tips for getting over the Christmas Financial Hangover

Every year we order the feast to end all feasts for Christmas. Then we sit back, so bloated and full that we can’t move and we rethink that extra piece of Christmas pudding that we had. Happy and content

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APRA forces increase in interest rates for investor loans

Has your interest rate just increased on your investment loan? Have you recently received a letter from your bank advising of the increase? If not, it’s likely you will be receiving it soon! The

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It’s time to lock in your fixed interest rate now

In 1990, homeowners were paying a 17% interest on a mortgage. Today, we are looking at historically low interest rates, these rates are unheard of.  They are so low that I have to stop and think when

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